Osteopathy clinics in Cambridge and Ely

COVID-19 Update 01/06/2020! Please call to make an appointment

Cambridge: 01223 248233 

Ely: 01353 666384

We are delighted to inform that following government and The Institute of Osteopathy guidance we are now able to resume both urgent and non-urgent appointments. The past few weeks we have been closely following guidance to adapt the clinics and develop new procedures in order to make the clinic as safe as possible for you when you arrive for your appointment. The steps we have taken include but not limited to:

  • I will wear disposable PPE to prevent cross contamination between patients in line with the guidance from the Institute of Osteopathy. This will include an apron, face mask, gloves and possibly a face shield when necessary.
  • We have implemented protocols for pre-screening patients. Please expect a pre-screening call the day before your appointment, this is just to check your health and ensure it is safe for you to attend the clinic.
  • We are making time between each patient consultation to sanitise all surfaces and touchpoints in the clinic such as door handles.
  • We are spacing appointment times to leave time to ventilate the clinic and to ensure patients do not cross paths in order to follow government social distancing.
  • We ask all patients to arrive at their appointment time and if you do arrive early to either wait outside the building or in your car as we can only allow one patient in the clinic at any one time.
  • We have eliminated all unnecessary linens such as couch covers, gowns, rugs and door mats to ensure everything you touch is thoroughly cleaned or disposed of.
  • Bank transfer, or contactless for payments is preferred at this moment in time. 

Please expect a pre-screening call the day before your appointment and please inform me if you develop any Covid-19 symptoms between booking and your appointment. I’m looking forward to returning to hands on treatment and helping patients to reduce pain and reach their full potential. I hope you’ve stayed safe at this time and managed well with the changes to home and work-life, I look forward to seeing you soon. If you have any questions with regards to the risk assessment or our new procedures, please give us a call.

We value our personable approach in working closely with patients to explain treatments and develop programmes to full recovery.

We run clinics in Cambridge and Ely providing cover for 6 days a week. We can also arrange to visit you in your home.

Osteopathy is able to aid healing, encourage healthy tissues and reduce pain levels cross the whole body from babies to the elderly.

Osteopathy is non-invasive and can treat a wide variety of conditions. It uses manual techniques in the movement of joints and tissues to resolve temporary problems or maintain chronic problems at a manageable level.

For our Cambridge Osteopath clinic please
call 01223 248 233

For our Ely Osteopath clinic please
call 01353 666 384

Some Conditions We Treat Include

  • Generalised aches and pains
  • Osteoarthritic joint pains including hip and knee pain
  • Arthritic pain
  • General, acute & chronic neck & back pain, including lumbago
  • Headache / migraine prevention
  • Frozen shoulder/ shoulder
  • Elbow pain including tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) & golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylitis)
  • Circulatory problems
  • Sports injuries and tension
  • Muscle cramp
  • Digestion problems
  • Sciatica
  • Muscle spasms
  • Neuralgia
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Inability to relax
  • Tension
  • Rheumatic pain

What to expect when you visit

In your first visit to the practice we will discuss your medical health and your current problem. This is followed by an examination which may involve you carrying out some simple movements.

We recognise that each patient is different and so the type of treatment you receive will be tailored for you and your individual diagnosis.

Click here to see an overview of the techniques we may use in treatment.

Explaining what we are doing and what we want to achieve in treatment is important and so questions during the consultation are welcomed.

We may refer you to your GP for other investigations such as an X-ray or blood test or to recommend an MRI from an appropriate Consultant.


Osteopathy is a hands-on treatment using an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics to adjust poor musculoskeletal function, allowing the body to heal naturally and efficiently. The practice of osteopathy is unique in that diagnosis and treatment is partially achieved by a highly developed sense of touch.

Osteopaths have to complete a 4-5 year full-time degree where they develop clinical skills to diagnose mechanical problems and refer on more serious cases if necessary. They are committed to furthering and updating their clinical knowledge through mandatory Continuing Professional Development.

All Osteopaths are registered with The General Osteopathic Council that was established under the Osteopathy Act (1993) to regulate Osteopathy in the UK.

Patients do not need a referral from their GP though Osteopathic treatment may be suggested by their Doctor.